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Durai’s café

~ Luxury & Quality ~

Durai’s café is started in memory of my beloved Dad, Late Counsellor Durai. Designed and established in the hot spot right opposite to the Bus Stand.

Vision: Be consistent in serving good food with high quality and taste at a nominal pricing

Mission: To reach to the customer’s expectations in all ways

Quality Policy: We do not use palm oil, Dalda and ajinomoto in any of our preparations

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Extended Hospitality

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Passion for serving the best

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Health Oriented Preparations

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Giving back wealth to Mother Earth

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Signature Dishes

A devoted Menu with variety of dishes from various cuisines. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Tea Time Snacks will be available. Our Service will be on around the clock and restrictions will be strictly followed adhering to the government regulations.

  • 1. Tirunelveli Nei Halwa
  • 2. Kumbakonam Degree Coffee

Our food menu

~ See what we offer ~